Implant Road Map

Implant placement is not only about dropping the implant in the bone! There are many considerations. Plan2Guideā€™s experienced dentists help you compare different restorative , surgical and financial options, Plan2Guide even works with you to set the patient's expectations on the right track. Either you are experienced in implant surgeries and restorations, and placed hundreds of implants, Plan2Guide can help you with the digital planning, or you are still new to implants and need a second opinion on your cases, evaluating the expected results versus probable risks , then Plan2Guide would be glad to share our dentists clinical and digital  experience with you. We proudly offer our online meetings 7 days a week at your time of convenience. You can have your session after you are done with your patients, early in the morning before you start, or from your couch on a weekend.

Surgical Guide

Plan2Guide designs every surgical guide with the mindset of a clinician, since it is designed by our dentists! Plan2Guide optimizes guide strength by analyzing variable supports. Plan2Guide uses its experience and technology to provide best accessibility and functionality for each implant site on each surgical guide. Plan2Guide surgical guides will reach your office disinfected and safe for you and your staff, nevertheless it is of paramount importance to use your own method of disinfection before surgery.

Online Discussions

Plan2Guide offers its dental and technological experience to make your life easier and your patients happier. Case presentation is a key factor in dentistry, we want you and your staff to be prepared when you sit down with your patients to discuss what options they have. When Plan2Guide receives your CBCT, our dentists analyze it , and have the case ready for your expert eyes. Plan2guide not only helps you evaluate implant sites! We treat each CBCT scan we receive as an organism, that our dentist looks at from different aspects, root canal treatment, fixed prosthesis, removable prosthesis and as much as the scan can show.

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